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James Rodriguez seems placed to leave Everton come the end of the transfer window. Rodriguez admitted to not knowing who Everton’s next fixture is in the Premier League. Jeff Stelling, Michael Dawson and the rest of the Soccer Saturday team discuss Rodriguez’s seemingly lacklustre approach.

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  1. Problem is he gets paid a fortune regardless. Whether he plays or not, knows the fixtures or not, plays well or not as long as turns up for training and is available for matches he earns millions…..kinda crazy tbh but hey that's football. Only 'job' where you can do the bare minimum and still earn a fortune.

  2. British commentators like Townsend more than James Rodriguez, what a surprise!. He has more skills than Townsend, he actually plays for his country. He does more than sigurdson, he's a lefty who can shoot long range. If Everton wants more English players, than put your money where your mouth is!

  3. He was taken out of context, he was joking about not knowing the fixture. The media is always keen to stir the pot with South American and African decent players and never give them the benefit for the doubt. James Rodríguez is a top ten player in the prem (in terms of talent) and Everton are lucky to have him. He could done ALOT more to force a move, but he’s staying and he deserves respect.

  4. James Rodriguez has had close to the most F'd up career career for someone of his level of talent I've seen. He's literally amazing wherever he plays consistently, he could have been part of an elite European team for the past 7 years and started every game if it weren't for injuries, issues with wages, and I suppose his attitude (though I think that's likely overplayed, he seems a professional and Carlo likes him).