Chassis, power, and cooling specialists Geometric Future have launched an appealing real leather-clad PC case in its Model 8 designs. The new Model 8 Cowboy mixes the clean lines formed by brushed aluminum sheets and tempered glass with an appealing cantaloupe flesh-colored cowhide trim and front panel I/O section. At first glance, the design and materials choice appears to be quite premium. Thus the price is a pleasant surprise – HK$1,099 according to tech site HKEPC – roughly $140.

Geometric Future is quite a new company, founded in 2020, and resides in Suzhou, not far from Shanghai. Its website says that the company name represents the underlying design philosophy. It seeks to simplify complexity and aim for user-friendliness with practical but sensory pleasing materials and aesthetics. It gives us some idea about the thinking behind the Model 8 Cowboy.

Having seen the PC case pictures above and below, you will have already started to form an opinion about the design, so let us look at the outer construction specs first to get a good measure of the Cowboy.

(Image credit: HKEPC)

The front panel is an uninterrupted sheet of brushed 2mm aluminum. A 4mm smoked tempered glass window to either side with a top trim of 2mm cowhide in cantaloupe orange. You can see the company logo, Geometric Future, subtly embossed into the leather on the left side. On the top of the case, you will see the I/O section towards the front edge, seated within a strap of 2mm leather. Behind the I/O section, a perforated steel panel stretches to the back. Around the rear, there is a large rectangular section with large honeycomb-style perforations, and the bottom of the case appears to be almost open, apart from some criss-cross metal struts.

(Image credit: Geometric Future )

The Model 8 Cowboy is quite a sizable mid-tower case at 500 x 230 x 500mm (19.7 x 9.1 x 19.7 inches). Thus, it fits up to E-ATX motherboards but will happily accommodate ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX boards.

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