Although, for generations, surveys and polls, indicate, politicians are held in, far – less esteem, than most other professions occupations, etc, it seems, we are currently experiencing a period – of – time, in the United States, where this has become, even – worse, and the level of political hypocrisy, is, at – minimum, concerning, but, realistically, even – worse! Instead of seeking, a meeting – of – the – minds, using common sense, for the greater good, we are witnessing, an alarming degree of this behavior, which, is, distasteful, alarming, concerning, and harms the best – interests of the nation, our citizens, and the rest, of the world! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 examples of this, and why, American voters, must demand more, and better, from elected officials, without – delay!

1. Stimulus bill: Nearly, every nation, in the free – world, has taken, a variety, of extraordinary steps, to assist their citizens, better – handle, these extraordinary, challenging times! When, a necessary, stimulus bill, was introduced, instead of acting, without delay, to reduce the pain and suffering, proactively, we saw, partisan behavior, instead! Perhaps, because, the first – bill, was supported by then – President Trump, many members of his party, supported it, yet, when, he suggested, further, be – done, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and his cronies, first, delayed – it, and then, watered – down, the benefits! When President Joe Biden, suggested a necessary, next stimulus, it barely, was achieved, along, strict – party lines! Not only, was this, hypocrisy, but it demonstrated, many politicians, seem to focus, more on, their personal/ political agendas, and self – interests, than the greater good!

2. Impeachment: No President, ever, was impeached, by the House of Representatives, more than once, until, the former President, was! However, rather than, performing their sworn, Constitutional duties, the Republican Senators, appeared, largely, to ignore facts, and merely, vote, along, party – lines!

3. Capitol Insurrections: How can any, responsible, office – holder, deny, the danger, to the nation, of permitting, insurrection, and sedition? If, we fail, to defend, the sanctity, of our elections, and the process, we will no longer, remain, a country, founded on certain principles!

4. Sane gun safety: We license cars, and many other things, but, place, few restrictions, on gun ownership. Although, certain states, have stricter laws, without, a national policy, it is nearly, impossible, to make those, work, effectively! Some declare, the 2nd Amendment, provides, a right, to bear arms, but, in reality, it grants, states, the right, to have a militia, and the Founding Fathers, could never have envisioned, assault weapons, when their guns, took, well – over, a minute, to load! How many more must die, before, our politicians, overcome their apparent fear, etc, of campaign funds, and perceived, retribution?

5. Fiscal issues: What could be, more hypocritical, than, officials, who, claim to oppose, deficits, to bring back, and restore, the conditions, of many individuals, so heavily – impacted, by this horrific pandemic, while supporting, the 2017 tax reform legislation, which, predominantly, benefited, the wealthiest Americans, and largest corporations?

Wake up, America, and let, elected officials know, you are, sick – and – tired, of this pattern, of behavior! Do this, before it gets worse!

Source by Richard Brody


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