(WGHP) — Teachers in the Triad are voicing concerns over a new proposal for the way they are compensated.

The state Board of Education is set to discuss a new plan at their Wednesday meeting that would bump the starting salary of new teachers by $10,000.

The plan would center pay raises around student accomplishments on testing, reviews by colleagues and students and what responsibilities teachers take on outside the classroom.

“That doesn’t feel like educating a whole child. It feels like what people are going to end up doing is teaching to the test, and that doesn’t work long term for our students,” said Val Young, president of the Forsyth County Association of Educators.

For teachers, it’s a heavy load that isn’t sustainable.

“You have children that come to you with all these problems, these barriers, and I’m supposed to break through them in a 90-minute block and get proficient scores from those students, and I just don’t see how that will ever be feasible,” said Melinda Vickers, a teacher with Forsyth County Schools.

Teachers across the Triad tell FOX8 that the pandemic upended their classrooms with interruptions and chronic absences, making it tough to focus on the material kids need to learn.

One Guilford County teacher tells FOX8 it’s tough to get her kids to care. They don’t try on tests anymore, and tell her they know they’ll get moved up to the next grade no matter what.

That apathy could affect how much teachers make.

They also say no student is the same.

“No kid learns the same. I could have a straight-A student that tests poorly because of anxiety,” said Bryanna Boaz, a teacher with Guilford County Schools. “There’s so many more formative assessments we could do without having to do the state test.”

Educators care about the students’ mastery of content, but what they really want them to learn can’t always be measured by a test.

“I want to help create those well-rounded people who care, and it’s hard when you’re driven by a test score,” Vickers said.

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