If you believe, it’s the responsibility of every person, to leave our world better, safer, and more sustainable, for future generations, it’s time for you, to make your voice heard, and let your political leaders know, you will hold them accountable, for any harm, they do! Whether this is caused, by neglect, denial, lack of vision, or greed, self – interest, and any personal/ political agenda, the bottom – line, must be, to demand, those we elect, select, and/ or ascend to positions of public leadership, assume the personal responsibility, to think, outside the box, and do, the right thing, for mankind, both today, and in the future. Mike Bloomberg has warned, that unless/ until, the next President, we elect, in 2020, recognizes, and addresses the very real threat, from climate change, other things won’t really matter! It should concern, all of us, President Trump articulates a message, denying climate change (and, even mocking the concept, involved), even though, nearly every scientist, and expert in the field, warns us, to take this seriously, before it’s too late! This article will attempt, to briefly, consider, examine, review and discuss, why the sustainability of our planet, is far more important and relevant, than any short – term, potential, economic gain, and/ or, self – interest and politically motivated, agenda!

1. Is Climate Change real?: Although, I am not a scientist, nor an expert in this field, those, who are, appear to be convinced it is! I believe, perhaps, because, this threat was originally referred to, as global warming, instead of climate change, those, who either, didn’t believe, or it wasn’t it their best interest, found it easier, and simple, to bury, their heads, in the sand! The ice at the earth’s poles, has substantially, melted, due to years of rising temperatures. The impact of that, in the longer – term, may be an imminent threat, to many coastal areas, because of the rising tides, etc. Remember, denying it exists, or procrastinating, will not make this threat, go away!

2. Clean air and water: We have been warned, for decades, we must pay closer attention to making our air and water, cleaner and safer! Many of our Past Presidents, have taken this responsibility, seriously, but, our present one, appears to, either, not care, or deny, there is a need to protect our environment. When President Trump, signs Executive Orders, permitting dumping of waste, from coal mining, etc, he seems to be doing so, to serve his personal, political agenda, and self – interest. By appealing to his core supporters, in the short – term, his actions endanger, their health, and well – being. In addition, denying the relationship between automobile emissions and clean air, has a major impact, on air quality. Many illnesses, including pneumonia, COPD, etc, are exacerbated, by exposing, certain individuals, to pollution.

Unless, the next President, we elect, takes this seriously, and declares the equivalent of a war against climate change, etc, future generations will be, at risk! Wake up, America, and demand actions and viable solutions/ focus, instead of denials and procrastination!

Source by Richard Brody


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