One of Afghanistan’s main opposition leaders has warned there will be civil war, unless the Taliban agree to share power, following their takeover of the country.

Ahmad Massoud has warned that war is inevitable unless the Taliban agree to negotiations over the country’s future.

The chaos and desperate scenes are continuing at Kabul airport. The US President Joe Biden has said a lot could go wrong with the continuing evacuation of American citizens and America’s Afghan allies.

The UK has called a meeting of the G7 group of leading nations to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.

Jane Hill presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Lyse Doucet and Secunder Kermani in Kabul – and political correspondent Chris Mason.

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  1. Power sharing? No, the Talibans will never share power. The US and NATO left Afghanistan already. There is no one there to monitor the power sharing and fair sharing. Now the Talibans will decide who live or die. The Afghans will suffer period. The next world Oder question is when super power nations and NATO are going into a country for peace and security, will they half in or all in?

  2. Bidon did what Obama and Trump said they would get us out of Afganan and failed to live up to the promises. Yes, there is going to be civil war and we left a war chest of weapons. I don't see any good guys in any of these factions and maybe God willing they will take themselfs out. You know maybe we left that war chest on purpose.

  3. 🇺🇸My Country Feedback🦅

    🙏Sure the Wickedness and war in Afghanistan may be over, but the Wicked war at home has just been reopened. They just shifted the Wicked war back over to the United States where it belongs. The Wicked war at home has just e experienced an evangelical revival of evil.
    The Wicked war which they tried to keep in 🇦🇫 Afghanistan, has just come home to roost, with all of it's evils, all of it's Karma, all of its wic obscenities, all of it's lewdness, all of it's wrongful deaths, all of its personal injuries, all of it's havoc, all of it's mayhem, all of its violence. They have merely shifyed venues. They have merely shiftex stadiums for their wicked war games to be played out in.
    Haven't you all noticed that no one has said a word about "Amnesty"!!!!
    There is your first clue Sherlock as to why the sudden timing is what it is.
    It's because of fears that they have bigger fish to fry back home, and longer lists of men who must die, women who must die, regardless of whether they have a trial or not.
    They have all of that data, the videos, the photos the images, the recordings to sift through and scrutinize from the murder of George Floyd and the riot of the righteously indignant American people when they were faced with such a travesty and such extraordinary wickedness. The American people responded to that situation with massive wickedness and wrath.

    So, now the enemy wants to get even with the American people for their moral indignation. The enemy wants reinstatement.
    The enemy wants wipe out every mother's son and daughter who rose up in righteousness indignation against despotism, Totalitarianism, Naziism, White Supremacist, and Communism which has been relentlessly and steadily, and persistently mowing down American citizens like wheat on own soil in our own country. These have been steadily and progressively and comprehensively eating our holes in the fabric of American society like a pack of moths eat through woollen clothing, or in the same way a plague of locust descends and eats every grain of wheat in a wheatt field, or in the same manner in which a school of Pirana fish in the Amazon River with lightening speed rapidly completely devours large beasts that venture down into the river and their flesh is attacked by the swarm, and only their only their skeletal remains rise to the surface stripped clean of muscle, cartilage, fat and skin, their bones gleaming in the sun. This is the way that the enemy has "handled" us.

    An so now the enemy wickedly recruits fresh troops, fresh from the battlefields of Afghanistan and other battle fields unmentioned to come back home and hut down their fellow Americans. The enemy is using them. The enemy Fully taking a wicked advantage of these Veterans, exploiting and manipulating the Veterans need to find job when he returns to the United States, possibly a law enforcement job. The enemy is taking a wicked advantage of these Veterans needs to re-enter civilian life, resume a normal social life, or resume a normal family. So, the enemy is already pitting groups of people against the Veterans and pitting the Veterans against the American people.
    Creating and inventing a conflict of interest, and disputes over jobs, land, territory and everything else. This is as clear as day an Eastern European War Intelligence Scenario.

    We'd better watch out here. The enemy is serious about fatal missions

    And as I have eluded to before we don't know what has happened to these people psychologically, mentally, emotionally or cognitively while the were in close proximity, or fraternizing, or sleeping with the enemy. Every last one of those military personnel could easily have become "fixated" with a fatal attraction, or fixated obsessed with some compulsion to perform some fatal mission as their destiny or as their fate.

    We'd better watch out here. The enemy is serious about wicked fatal missions. We have already seen that.
    Look at all that there is to gain if the fatal mission succeeds.

    While the enemy has the Veterans focused on the one hand huntung down American citizens for rioting, on the other hand the enemy has one or more than one "fatal mission" in progress which is not connected to anyone on the Veteran's "kill list." The Veteran's kill list is merely clouding of the issues and a distraction, and a diversionary tactical strategy.

    The road to infant depends on the accomplishment of the "Fatal Missions",
    rather than the arrest and conviction of some of those poor, loyal, patriotic "smucks" who crashed the gates of their White House, shouting "Stop The Steal". The sadest part of it is that lives were lost during indignation on that most horrific day.

    Nevertheless, I do not believe that we should be so unlearned as to allow the malignant enemy to pit us against each other in a bloody Civil War conflict. No, we must never allow this to happen. 🙏

    I honestly contend that I have had no idea just how extraordinarily wicked the inhabitants of the planet earth actually care. Until these recent revelations began coming to me, or channeling through me, there was no recognition nor understanding, nor comprehension, nor even awareness people were so wicked, some of the things that they do which they ought to know in advance, prior to engaving in an act, this is wickedness, I cannot do this thing.

    No, this is their job, this their role, this how they are expected to conduct themselves, this the script, it's custom, it's habit, it's an addiction, it's an obsession. This is the vocation. This is the preoccupation. This is the trade. They are ill. We must never allow the enemy to use us against each other.

  4. Pls. Pray the Holy Rosary and Devine Mercy chaplet to free all countries from war, hunger, diseases, climate change, calamities, drugs, prostitution, abortion, divorce, corruption, vices, violence and all evil.pls pray for peace and joy in all families and home…:. .

  5. Taliban is going to takeover the world eventually if those civilians do not leave that country so that America the U.S. Military could Shoot as much Bullets as the can at the Taliban, then drop a NUKE to get the ones that are hiding in the caves in Afghanistan…………THAT COUNTRY NEEDS TO BE SCRUBBED CLEAN–So Mother Nature can have it's Land back….Nobody goes back to AFGHANISTAN!!!!!