WEB NEWS – Facebook page stirs up Zimbabwe politics


Today on the net, the Facebook page that’s stirring up Zimbabwe politics. Hollywood stars take a stand against nuclear weapons. And a Swedish baby becomes something of an online sensation.

Facebook page stirs up Zimbabwe politics

With over 150,000 fans on Facebook, Baba Jukwa is now one of the most popular political figures in Zimbabwe. And yet no one knows who actually created this page; who the real Baba Jukwa really is. He says he is a senior member of the president, Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party and ever since March, has been exposing revelations of the ruling party’s wrong doings.

The anonymous web user has lifted the lid on internal conflicts within the Zanu-PF ahead of the presidential election scheduled for July 31st. According to a series of messages posted by Baba Jukwa over the past few weeks, the ruling party was planning to rig the vote.

Other posts on this Facebook page denounce the abuses of power from the country’s political leaders,

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