Not all mold remediation solutions are the same. Find out how cleaning mold off works with the Caltex system, and how it’s different from other methods.

There are as many different methods for home mold and mildew removal as there are types of mold and mildew. However, there is one innovative system that stands apart from the others in terms of its ability to thoroughly eliminate mold, and to preserve the integrity of the surface in question at the same time. Read on to learn how the Caltex system works, and what it offers that other mold cleaning systems don’t.

The basics of solving home mold issues are the same regardless of what system you turn to. You need to get the existing mold cleaned off, you need to restore the room or surface to as close to its original condition as you can, and you need to locate and resolve any moisture sources that may have contributed to the mold problem in the first place.

Mold can grow on any organic surface. All it needs is a food source and a little bit of moisture, and it’s good to go. Sometimes it grows on surfaces you can see, and sometimes it does its work behind the scenes. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to identify a mold problem in your home via sight. If you’re not, you may end up suffering from mold-related symptoms (allergies, difficulty breathing) for weeks before you determine that you have mold growth on the back side of your drywall or the underside of your carpet.

If you think you have a mold problem, call a pro so that you can get your home tested and can get the problem dealt with as quickly as possible. It can be dangerous to your health and to the integrity of your home’s structure to leave mold issues untreated. When you choose a mold professional, you have the option of choosing a certified Caltex technician. This can be an excellent choice for many reasons.

Caltex mold remove action involves a specialty low volume, low pressure (LVLP) application system, as well as USDA-approved, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. To remove mold, a Caltex technician will apply a fine spray solution to the affected area, which allows the solution to gently but comprehensively cover and penetrate the affected surface. Because the application is LVLP, there’s minimal streaking, surface damage, or runoff.

Whereas other mold removal systems can actually damage your home by using high pressure liquid solutions to force the mold off, Caltex’s LVLP application is exceptionally gentle and seeks to preserve your surfaces while removing the mold. And, while many companies use bleach-based solutions or other harsh chemicals, Caltex uses proven, environmentally safe cleaning solutions to accomplish the same end.

If you need mold remediation in your home, looking into what a Caltex technician has to offer is a great choice. The Caltex system is gentle, yet effective, and can remove mold growth safely.

Source by Aglaia Rara