What is the admission process for international students to study in Singapore?

for international students to study in Singapore
for international students to study in Singapore

Singapore is a global hub for healthcare, education, finance, entertainment, and many other institutions with international acknowledgement for being the world’s safest country.In this article you will find What is the admission process for international students to study in Singapore? This island city offers excellent opportunities for young passionate achievers, both socially as well as professionally. It is a beautiful place with spectacular landscapes providing a perfect opportunity for adventurous and nature lovers to practice their sport in majestic surroundings.


This blog will take you through the Lsbf Singapore admission process for international students in Singapore: 


  • Students aspiring to take admission in different programs require fulfilling the following eligibility criteria and meeting the stated admission requirements as per the institutions.
  • Applicants should possess a minimum aggregate CGPA score determined by the University in their academic qualifications and transcripts as per the requirements. If an international student is applying for a master’s program, then they required submitting the Bachelor’s degree and so in case for a bachelor’s or doctorate.
  • English is the language of teaching at the University so successful applicants must exhibit English language proficiency levels indispensable for academic success in Singapore. The University reserves the right to set enrolment limits and offer admission at its exclusive discretion.
  • All the documents that are to be submitted have to be in the English language—the original documents required during this process submission.
  • Applicants whose first language is not English, or who have received their education in a language other than English have to go through an English placement test.
  • Applicants should have a minimum aggregate of 50% in their higher secondary exams.
  • Students who do not meet the English language proficiency requirements are made to wait until the successful completion of the subject for the appropriate level of a specified English preparation program. Applicants will not be permitted to start courses until proof of the required minimum level of English language proficiency is achieved.
  • Every University offers admissions based on their pre-determined admission pathways like an entrance test or based on grades.


International Students who wish to study in Singapore are generally required to submit the below-mentioned documents for evaluation in almost all the institutions in Singapore:

  1. An appropriately completed Application Form
  2. Certified copies of ALL academic qualifications and transcripts from secondary school, high school, Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and onwards or equivalent transcripts.
  3. Evidence of language proficiency in English.
  4. Valid travel documents like Passport, visa, and other related documents from the signing authority.
  5. A correct copy of the birth certificate.
  6. A properly completed student pass application forms like Form 16 and Form V36 from Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority
  7. Recent passport-sized photograph with white background.

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Students coming from diverse cultures and backgrounds, study and plan their careers in Singapore. Singapore is often preferred as many organizations provide benefits in the form of scholarships to the students for pursuing their higher studies successfully. The tuition fee usually varies with the type of courses and the institution that you prefer to choose. It is a fantastic place to start a new career with high avenues for income and innumerable opportunities. So, don’t waste your time and research about the Lsbf Singapore admission process.


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