Why Is It A Good Idea to Float Your Bathroom Vanity?

Why Is It A Good Idea to Float Your Bathroom Vanity?
Why Is It A Good Idea to Float Your Bathroom Vanity?

Wall-mounted, wall-hung, or floating bathroom vanities started working as a minimalist design statement decade ago. Nowadays, the floating vanities are in their transitional design. Here you will come to know Why Is It A Good Idea to Float Your Bathroom Vanity? They considered the most versatile option to work correctly with different styles and themes. As people started moving the ‘box’ off the floor, bathroom vanities also started appearing in various types, including finishes, materials, and looks.

Benefits of wall-mounted vanities

There are plenty of benefits of installing wall-mounted bathroom vanity cabinets. They can do wonder about the functionality and design of the bathroom. Let’s have a quick look at some of the advantages you can enjoy by installing a floating vanity in your restroom.

  • Saves and expands the space

    – As you hang the vanities on the wall, there will be an uninterrupted continuous flooring surface. It will make the room more spacious and lighter. Even only a couple of inches of the area under the furniture piece would work remarkably to make it feel streamlined and less bulky. Moreover, if you use a monochromatic color for the wall, floor, and cabinet, the vanity will look like a standard extension of the wall. It makes space feel more open and more expansive.


  • Can adjust any height

    – Standard modern discount bathroom vanities can accommodate a person of average size. You can install the unit at any height to accommodate the height of the users.


  • Makes cleaning easy

    –You can’t deny that it is much easier to clean the underneath space of the wall-mounted vanities. While you give the vanity some room for breathing, you can easily clean back there. As a result, dirt can’t be accumulated on and at any part of the restroom.


  • Makes storage easy and handy

    – Wall-hanging vanities free up space of the bathroom to make it look and feel larger. The extra space you save can be used to store your stuff in an organized manner. Under-sink, wall-mounted baskets/shelving can make an easy and handy spot to store towels, toiletries, and linens.


  • Bathroom vanities are adaptable

    –These vanities need less space. As a result, they can be a perfect solution for small toilets. Nevertheless, they can work perfectly well in large areas. Besides, they can be customized by including individual compartments in various arrangements based on available space and your choice. You can consider RTA cabinets for the same reason.



  • Ensures maximum radiant heat

    – If you install radiant floor heating, a floating bathroom vanity can maximize the warmth while you stand at the sink. For this reason, contractors typically suggest installing floating vanities for preventing overheating.

If you’re scared about the strength of the vanity, don’t be. Though wall-mounted vanities are more challenging to be installed than the floor-mounted or free-standing ones, hidden braces are available in the market to hold floating vanities to keep them secure, safe, and sturdy.  The mounts usually fit directly into the wall studs and remain hidden while securely supporting the weight of the installed vanity.

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