For many years, many Americans have held a very low opinion, of their elected and public officials, and, this, has seemed, to, come – to – a – head, especially, after these past four years, which seemed, to many, to be unlike, anything, witnessed, before, in recent memory! It seems, the level of polarization, conspiracy theories, lack of trust, etc, has become, the worst, ever! Although, this past election, had the largest number of eligible voters, voting, ever, it still represented, only about 65% of the total, who could have voted. This means, although, about 155 million, voted, another 70 million, or so, potential voters, did not exercise that right. In addition, the reaction, after the election, we have observed, from this President, may present, a clear and present danger, to the American way of life, and perception of free, and fair elections. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why so many, seem to have lost their FAITH, in the United States political system.

1. Future; furnish; fruition; factors/ factions; freedom: When citizens question this nation’s commitment to freedoms, it creates a bad omen, for our future! We all benefit, when public officials, furnish quality ideas, and bring them, to fruition, identifying a variety of factors, and treating all factions, of society, equally, and fairly!

2. Attitude; attention; aptitude; agenda: Instead of polarizing, partisan politics, as – usual, we are better served, and represented, when our leaders, possess, a true, positive, can – do, attitude, and are ready, willing, and able, to recognize, and pay keen attention, to all Americans! We must demand, instead of any leader’s personal/ political agenda, those, we elect, possess a well – developed, relevant, inclusive aptitude!

3. Integrity; ideas; ideals/ ideology; issues; involve: Since, political fact – checkers, inform us, the current President, has lied, at an alarming rate, it should be obvious, how important, electing individuals, with genuine integrity, really, is! We need elected officials, with ideas, instead of rhetoric (and populism), and individuals, with ideals, and ideologies, which align, directly, with the American Way! We only become better, when citizens get involved, and care, deeply, about the issues, which make a difference, for the better!

4. Timely; time – tested; trust: There’s no room for procrastination, if we are to address, significant issues, such as public health, and well – being, Climate Change threats, and environmental protections! Only, when our leaders, consistently, proceed, with well – considered, timely action, time – tested knowledge and expertise, etc, will they earn our trust!

5. Healing; humane; head/ heart; health: This year will be long – remembered, because of the horrific pandemic, and how, the United States, suffered more cases, and deaths, both in actual numbers, as well as, in terms of percentages, than the rest of the world! What could be more important than protecting public health? How can true healing, occur, without an emphasis, on humane treatment, of all our population? We need to elect people, who are able to use their emotional and logical components, in a head/ heart balance, if we hope, to bring people together, for the common good!

We need to restore our citizens’ FAITH in our political system, of government, and restore, our pride, in being American! Instead of slogans, we need, viable solutions, directed and genuine change, for the better!

Source by Richard Brody


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