Although, we are, each, entitled to our own opinions, we are not permitted, our own set of facts! When the Communication Director, of the former President, felt, she needed, to refer to his statements, as, Alternative Facts, and, so many of his core supporters, not only, accepted that explanation, but endorsed it (seemed to agree with it), it should become obvious, there are potential, concerning ramifications, not only, in the immediate – term, but in the intermediate, and longer – run, also! Why do some people, refuse to accept, what they see/ witness, with their own – eyes, rather than what some politicians state? With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 examples, and why, this behavior, should be, concerning.

1. The pandemic was not a hoax!: President Trump articulated a message, which significantly, disagreed with the opinions of nearly, every, public health expert, defying, not only, what we saw, but, what, should have been, common sense! After, well – over a year, over 33 million infected, and 587, 000 deaths, in this nation, and huge number of cases, worldwide, it should be obvious, this was not a hoax! Trump began calling it a hoax, and political stunt, and, then, minimized it, denied, and declared, he knew best!

2. The greatest number of Fake Facts were Trump’s Alternative Facts!: Although, the former President, blamed, complained, and called, anything, he didn’t like, or disagreed with him, fake, the reality was, his statements, were the largest source of fake information! Although, well – respected, fact – checkers, claimed, he lied, and made false/ misleading statements, at an unbelievable rate, it seemed, many of his core supporters, still, believed, and even, revered him, and were attracted to the conspiracy theories, which were disproven, often!

3. So – called, tax reform of 2017: Although, the tax law changes, passed, largely along party – lines, in 2017, were touted, as benefiting, the middle – class, the reality is, they predominantly, benefited, the wealthiest individuals, and largest corporations, and did little (to nothing), to benefit, most others! Republican politicians, perhaps, believed, it would be, politically, advantageous, but, rather, ended – up, down – playing, it, because, it wasn’t! Why do some, continue, believing, politicians, who, consistently, fail – to – serve, the best interests of their constituents?

4. Sane gun safety controls, versus, so – called, 2nd Amendment rights: How many times, will we continue, hearing, some politicians, claim, they are protecting, Constitutional rights, although, the number of casualties, from guns, is alarming? Why would anyone need, an assault weapon, for, either, personal protection, or recreation? Although, the 2nd Amendment is known for providing, the right, to bear – arms, its primary purpose, was, to permit, individual states, with the right, to have their own militias, to protect, against foreign risks! Since, we register cars, and license drivers, why don’t we, do likewise, with guns? How many more, must die, before, we demand, smarter, safety measures?

5. Important to trust the raw data, rather than skewed – interpretations: Responsible citizens, must, train – themselves, to understand, and interpret, the raw data, and refusing to blindly – accept, some, politically – motivated, interpretations!

Wake up, America, and, demand better service and representation, from those, you elect! The future of this nation, and how we proceed, forward, depends, on doing so!

Source by Richard Brody


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